WOW Air is the new kid on the block in air travel. It’s an airline modelled around making long-haul travel very cheap and almost half the price at what we can travel today by air. A Delhi to New York return flight will cost you just Rs 27,000. But then, it is without the frills or even an ounce of luxury. You have to pay for all meals, snacks and beverages. The seats are narrow with very little leg room. So it can be cramping a bit. But with such a fantastically cheap price for such a long flight, you can do without the frills.

Wow Air is the latest entrant in this low-cost long-haul airline segment and has created this segment. This Ireland-based airline has a central hub in Reykjavik. The company wants to make this hub as big as Dubai. Passengers will only be allowed to carry one baggage and that’s it.

But for such a low price, if you are looking to be very economical, then this is just the segment and the airline for you.