Hamari Gyano: The Case – Audio Book


“Hamari Gyano! It is a book about a Nepali maidservant Gyano and her family. The relationship with the authors’ parents. How a poor man Narayan Thapa came from a small village in Nepal and started working with his present-day masters. How the family grew to a size of five and after the death of both the parents their prolonged legal battle with the sole heir of the family, who is also the author of the book. <br> <br>Hamari Gyano! tells the story of a greedy servant family who falls out with the son of their master and how manipulative lawyers insight them to lie and cheat the system and the courts. The story is also about the truth of our justice system, it’s many shortcomings and frailties. How money rules and at times even overshadows the truth. It has a moral tale for many well off families who have large properties, which over the period of time get encroached by servants, who no doubt have lived with their masters for generations. It is a lesson for the wealthy not to get too close to their helpers and staff and not to become too familiar with their kins. Hamari Gyano is a story of a feisty bull-headed Nepali maid, who threatens to take her new master to the cleaners and demands 50 lakhs for the services rendered by her and her family. It is a story of how courts can be manipulated, how false documents are submitted and how the entire laborious and slow procedures of the courts make sure that justice is delayed. It is a stark portrayal of our flawed justice system run by money-hungry cops and lawyers who are busy playing their own money-grabbing game. In the end, it is a story that bears testimony to the fact that both the plaintiffs lose in the end and only the lawyers and the court systems win by making money on their strife and differences.”

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