A hobo is a traveller, a guy who loves to travel and has made travel his life and occupational. Now, girls love guys who travel. Why, you ask? Well here’s what the girls have to say on this.

Hobos are Less Materialistic

Well, as a traveller, the guy gets used to worrying about things to carry or own. Travellers carry minimum baggage and even fewer possessions. They hate acquiring things – no land, property and mortgage for them. They are always dreaming about the next beach shack to spend their summer holiday. They give two hoots about money or things. This suits the girls as they see a guy who travels unattached and truly free from the ways of the world.

Always Active

A guy who travels is always planning, checking and calculating for the next destination or the next big travel adventure. He has the uncanny ability to plan and think on his feet and then take an informed decision. They know how to plan and accomplish their dreams due to waking towards their goals. These guys are self-motivated and that’s what makes them so attractive to women.

He is Not Fussy

A guy who travels knows how to adapt to different living situations and adverse weather conditions. Maybe you get stuck in a landslide while climbing a mountain. He remains calm and unflustered even in these conditions. As a traveller, you learn to live in different places and conditions. A true male traveller never fusses about his situation and is always positive.

He is Not Boring

Time with a traveller is never boring as a male traveller has so many stories of people, escapades and adventure that he will forever entertain you even when you are at your lowest or dullest. They will be looking at the next exotic destination to go to or some new adventure sport to do.


A traveller can always adapt as he is used to dealing with unexpected situations in life overcoming whatever life throws at him. That way he is strong and flexible in his thoughts and action plans. It is this ability of his that the women love and admire.

Hobo with a History

A traveller will always have some amazing backstory to his life. It could be because of the people he met, the incidents that occurred in his life or the experiences and interactions he had with cultures and people around the world. You will find that a traveller has a very special and colourful personal history which is far from the ordinary and it is this uniqueness of his that the women adore.


He is insightful due to the array of experiences he has had. He can analyse and direct people easily. He can gauge situations and can also be very intuitive in finding solutions to the problems life throws at him. That way, he has a third eye. He can see the solution without going through the steps in a problem and that is sheer intelligence and experience. Travelling sharpens a traveller and that makes him charming and loved by girls.


He has a fierce independent streak and only knows one way – his way. These are guys who have chalked their own path and will never go where others have walked and that takes courage. A traveller has loads of that. He is full of courage and loves the unknown that awaits him. This is a very endearing quality.

He Will Push You

He will make you see things in a new light and push you to achieve your own goals and make your own journey fun and valuable to others. He is a man with a mission. Now what kind of women wouldn’t want a man like that? All in all, a guy who travels in James Bond 007 style.