It burns orange with a crackling sound

Engulfing leaves, bushes, straw and tree trunk

It bellows hot black smoke in the air

You can see it from afar

This burning inferno eating everything on its path

Deer, sambar, hyenas all alike run for cover with all their might

Yes! Fire, fire, in the forest, the birds begin to howl with fright


It travels far and with great haste, this orange ball

As it burns like a giant flame

It’s hot, it’s dry, the smoke relentless

Man, the damn thing burns in my eye

The forest fire, the forest fire

It engulfs everything in its sight


It leaves behind coal and soot

Dry black patches of charred wood

As it circles the forest all around

Leaving death, dust, and destruction in its wake

Now you see the forest bake

This forest fire is one mighty inferno

It carries on from end to end

Shaving the forest into a pile of hay


The flames burn up into the sky

Destroying nests of birds perched on trees

As sounds of chirping birds resonates in the air

Panic, panic, its panic all around

As animals flurry for cover from the flames

This is another one of that nature’s game

Fire, fire, it’s the forest fire


The villagers run into their farms

Try dousing it with water from buckets and pots

The more they try, the more they fail

The fire roars and burns brighter at their every attempt

This is nature showing man its contempt


It’s time to appease the Gods, some say

That is the only way to keep the forest fire at bay

Chant to Shiva and the holy serpent

All sit down, pray and for their sins repent

Save us oh, Mother, from this frightful fire

Bless us, as our need is dire


Soon a miracle in front of them appeared

The roaring fire doused suddenly and disappeared

Yes, without a word, all was gone

No smoke, no flame

That, alas, was the end of the game

The heavens were appeased and the villagers were free

To dance and rejoice once again

That the Goddess had saved them from great pain


The forest fire, the forest fire