Arusha was cool being at the edge of Kilimanjaro the temperatures here hover around 15 degrees . We moved towards the warmer and more arid land of the Tarangire National Park.

 This is a smaller Park then Serengeti but is still significant and after paying Norman in advance for the entire trip we moved into an aged LandRover and cruised towards our animal safari.

Before we entered the park a picnic lunch was served , with check in and a few formalities later we moved in. This was my best encounter with Lions so far and I watched a pride of six lions feasting next to a small pond.

They were having a ball rolling on the sand , playing with each other.Their was one who just couldn’t finish his lunch and kept on chewing on the wilder beast the pride had just hunted down.

My shutter’s were clicking full time and I took extreme close up shots of the Lions drinking water, eat the kill and sleeping and one of them even tried to climb a tree.

All this activity went on near the pond as the wilder beasts and Zebra’s strolled past them and yet keeping a fair distance just in case of a sudden attack.

Oh I wanted so much to capture a live kill through my lens as I prayed and waited.

To my disappointment they were full today and only wished to drink eat sleep and play.

Man I would love to have their life and wouldn’t you. It is the most uncomplicated world view that I can think of?

The king of the jungle and they were all for me to view today, as I patiently observed their every movement .

Dixon my guide cum driver then proceeded to show me a heard of elephants, huge big tuskers playing in the mud as the male broke and ate branches from the trees and merrily strolled on the vast grass.

 On my right were a family of wild Giraffes eating thorns and leaves from trees as they stuck there neck out of the bushes only to be captured through my lens.

Then the male and female Kampala sprinting on the grass the male with it’s majestic horns stared right at me as I captured it’s pride through my lens.

The kingfisher birds and help what was that a tribe of mongoose just past by my land rovers.

Animals every where has I saw a beautiful black male partridge perhaps past by the bushes, but not before he gave a pose for my camera.

The Marabou Stork a crane like bird sitting on top of a barren tree was my next victim as I clicked on , with the blue sky as the backdrop this picture really stands out. It is a bit of a sophisticated scavenger !

Animals all around as I sipped away at my Red Bull, lighting up the occasional smoke ever once in a while to cool off. We went right up to the hill to get a panoramic view of the park, and I think I have taken enough pictures and videos for a life time. My Land Rover meanwhile has a charger and fridge facility so it’s very chilled out .

As the evening set in we were headed for Karatu through Mto Wa Mbu this is where my lodge is which is called Bougainvillea and so till then have a great time and enjoy the wild life pictures.