Sunil Lahri, who assumed the part of Laxman in Ramanand Sagar’s television series Ramayan, has portrayed January 22 as a “memorable day” for India when the icon of Slam Lalla will be blessed at the Smash Sanctuary in Ayodhya. The veteran entertainer said that when he visited Ayodhya interestingly a while back, he saw the symbol of Master Smash in a tent and “I felt exceptionally terrible”.

“I told myself, see this spot, this is where Ruler Smash was conceived and presently he has been kept in such a spot. It was extremely lamentable. I feel that after some time, equity has moved in the correct course,” Sunil Lahri said.


Ramayan fame sunil lahri have not found any place to stay in ayodhya shows  his concernअयोध्या पहुंचे 'रामायण' के लक्ष्मण सुनील लहरी को नहीं मिल रहा  रुकने का ठिकाना | Jansatta

The Ramayan entertainer sees the sanctification function on January 22 as the “greatest accomplishment” for which “India was battling for north of 500 years”. “A great deal of exertion, penance and work has gone into it. I think it will be a noteworthy day for India,” he said.

Sunil Lahri on Ruler Smash, Sanatan Dharm

Lahri, said Laxman, the personality of Master Slam’s more youthful sibling that he played in the television series Ramayan, connotes trustworthiness, commitment, straightforwardness and representing the right objective. “Laxman is a person who upholds nothing off-base.”