It’s been almost a week. We had decided to spend no more than three days at Manchester City.

But I and Shaan took a liking to the city. Shaan found some mates and partied around town. I had the privilege of hosting half a dozen young party girls in my room for two nights at a stretch all thanks to lover boy Shaan who showed me that rapping was not the only speciality he had. Yes, Shaan was a ladies man top. I believe it was his looks, style and tap that pulled all the chicks as his other male friends sat on the side trying to get laid with the birds. It was my darling Shaan who managed to keep the flag flying.

I acted like a perfect friend who let him be and tried to make his young cultural friends at home. I also treated some of his gang to Chinese food the next day. NO2 is quite the rage and most kids use it to get high in this part of the world. It is an underground cultural thing, you know, the kind of stuff ‘boys in the hood’ do. It comes with a complicated apparatus of a small gas tank connected to a balloon that glows like neon as the gas blows it up. Kids inhale this gas and then exhale it after some time to get their highs. It gives a buzz to the mind making you float and feel light. You become loveable and affectionate after that and I am sure some of the guys tried it to get laid with the chicks. There was love all around in my room. All throughout the trip, I kept jumping into the tub to have a shower which was one of the easiest ways to save myself from the afternoon heat.

I slept a lot on this trip and also ate a lot too. We almost trashed our room with drinks, water bottles and unclean plates, not to mention the boxes of eaten up ice cream. It was a mayhem. I did go for my usual walks to the university but on Sunday, most of Manchester is asleep. Nothing seems to be open. I walked into a Manchester University shop to buy a logo t-shirt but it was shut. Everyone was at home resting. Shaan found his new angel who was duskier in complexion. I think he had found what he liked and we will see our little rapper boy come often to Manchester to meet his lady.

I was most concerned about the video editing of my blog videos and let Shaan have a good time reminding him that he also had a blogging task to finish. The kid has been cooperating ever since he did a good job doing the photography of the nightlife of Manchester. He soon started the editing work too under my supervision. The results will be there for all to see.

The tastiest meal of the day for me was the chicken shawarma. All the NO2 in the air had made me hungry and I was happy to polish the shawarma with the salad, roti, herbs and pickles. Wow! This was full N02 and chicken shawarma Manchester style.