Previous IPL director Lalit Modi drummed up some excitement on the web last year when he imparted soft pictures to previous Miss Universe and Bollywood entertainer Sushmita Sen. He reported their relationship, expressing that it denoted the start of a delightful new part in his life. Presently, Modi is again in the information. This time, for the rumor that he is dating supermodel Ujjwala Raut.


Lalit Modi announces he is dating Sushmita Sen, calls her 'my better half'  | Cricket - Hindustan Times


Is Lalit Modi dating Ujjawala Raut?

Lalit Modi is supposed to date Ujjwala Raut. Their dating bits of hearsay began to whirl after a viral photograph of the two going to the wedding of previous Specialist General of India, Harish Balm, with Trina surfaced via web-based entertainment. The photograph caught them joyfully presenting together on a stairway.