The video conferencing and video meeting app called Zoom has been breaking all records for downloads and has amassed billions of customers in a post COVID scenario. As the entire world is under lockdown people are using this application for conducting office meetings and Vedic con fencing with remote clients over their phones and tablets. The application has been trending in India for the past few weeks with over 450000 downloads a day. This has made its customer base skyrocket. So what is the Zoom app and how can one benefit from it. Well in a work from the home environment it is a percent app to video conference and does an official meeting on. It has a very simple and easy to understand user interface that is its biggest USP. The app copies all your contacts from your mobile and you can log into it through your Gmail and Facebook IDs / Once in you can send invitations for meetings to your work and office team and start doing. With instant screen sharing, crystal clear audio, facility saves meetings, and data you can download the app form apple and google play stores.

Founded by Eric Yuan in 2011 in San Jose it has taken off during the lockdown phase as it is proving to be a cost-effective and easy to use video meeting application. There has been concern about data privacy and it’s safety as many people have complained of hacking and stolen meeting data.

It has been used by many government officials and has been a popular tool for small businesses. Many big companies like apple and google have warned customers not to download it due to data privacy issues, none the less the app is doing well and the downloads have increased significantly in India which is the largest market for the application and its founder.

It has a very effective share screen facility and you can invite many people at the same time to a conference meeting. Educational institutes are using it to conduct and impart online classes. Currently, the company is valued at 40 billion dollars and Eric has moved into the Forbes list of billionaires with a net worth of 7.5 Billion dollars. The company went public with an IPO April last year and was valued at 16 billion dollars on day one itself.

Zoom is compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS and Android platform one can do meetings with 100 participants for as long as 40 minutes at a stretch. You can get additional features at a cost of $ 15 to $ 20 per month subscription fee. So it is an inexpensive proposition for large office meetings and even online seminars, product launches and talks and panel discussions.

The company has to look into data theft and privacy concerns as a lot of companies would not want sensitive meeting information liked to competition or other agencies. As of now, Zoom has taken off in India in the post lockdown scenario and it looks like it will grow as people adapt to a new work environment.