It is good to have friends in life but it is your adversaries and your opponents who actually define who you are, so think and hard and choose your adversaries with the utmost care, because they will shape you as you go along. It is because of your adversaries that you yourself exist. The higher, the stronger, and the more powerful adversary you have the larger then the life you become. Let us look at some classic examples of adversaries who were larger than life and defines each other thus. Take Bollywood, for example, Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap Vs Narendra Modi, OSHO vs Ronald Reagan during his Oregon days. In Mythology you have Ram and Ravan, In Boxing Ali vs Fraser. Sporting Rivalries Tendulkar vs Warne. It is these rivalries and contests that help promote an event or a story and build hype and intrigue it5 is also a promotional tool to stay in the limelight and help market an event.

So choose your opponents and who you do battle with the tougher and grandeur the battle the more fun they contest. Batman and Joker is another classic one where one defines the other and one cannot exist wit out the other. The larger your opponent the larger you become, your status is defined by who opposes you or stands for an alternative ideology than yours. It’s a love-hate relationship where deep down your opponent is also your friend.