Is it true that you are in earnest need of money? Might you want to acquire a huge number of rupees inside a brief time frame? In the event that indeed, here’s some uplifting news for you. In the event that you have an old note of Rs 500 (the ones which were available for use before demonetisation in November 2016) then, at that point you can procure Rs 10,000 without buckling down.
At the point when a note (of whichever group) is given by the Hold Bank of India (RBI), it is printed remembering a fixed example. Subsequently, while every one of the notes are comparable by all accounts, if there is some misstep during printing a note and it gets coursed on the lookout, then, at that point that note gets priceless. At this moment, old 500 rupee notes have been arranged as ‘uncommon Indian money’.
Assuming you do have an old 500 rupee note, you should first promptly check whether its chronic number has been printed twice. On the off chance that not, you can procure around Rs 5,000 from this note. Likewise, if a specific edge of a 500 rupee note is bigger than expected, then, at that point you can get 10,000 rupees for that note. For this, you simply need to discover a site which is tolerating such notes in return for a decent amount of cash.
It’s anything but a simple cycle since the note can be sold on the web. As of now, there are various sites where old coins and notes are being exchanged trade for cash. On the off chance that your old notes hold fast to the set conditions, you can procure liberally.
In the first place, you need to enroll on the site as a merchant of money. Whenever this is done, you need to take a reasonable image of the note and transfer it on the stage. Following this, you will be reached by individuals who you can offer those notes to.