My book Yes Sir I killed my dad has been launched as an audiobook on audible and it is with great pride that I announce this to all of you selling at $5.00 it is a steal. The book is an audio adaptation of my bookselling on KDP select on the murder of my father by a hardened criminal called Vijay Palande. The audiobook is narrated by me and also includes my poem by the same name and title it is an eerie and dark theme and so is the music. Please go ahead and buy it links attached below.

The digital rights of the book have already been sold to Day-tee productions for a fair price and will soon be seen as a web series on OTT. Enjoy the book and also some of the pictures of a Dark shaded character from my Book I also slept with Rashmi Verma the character of Mama Molester these I took from my I phone and used Instagram filters to edit the pictures. Pay attention to the claws of the Mama these fingernails I have grown for three months and they are a trademark of the Mama along with his long bushy hair.