Truth is always absolute that is the nature of truth it has to be one and it has to be absolute which means it has to be the same for everyone , every being and every living soul . But mankind lives with many truths , for different religion has a a different truth the truth of Hindu’s is different from the truth of Sikh’s the truth of Muslims is different from the truth of the Christians and that is different from the true of jews , which is different from the truth of Jains and the truth of the Buddhists. So in that regards the truth is different as perceived by different people .So what is that , that never changes and is the same for everyone , it is the absolute with on different or varied interpretations .What is that that is not transient and never changes it is for ever the same and absolute for everyone .The the soul the atman the ultimate truth that which is within us and thus within all .

That truth is the soul the atman that which resides within and never changes form it is atonal as the universe it came from no where and it is going no where , it was it is and will for ever be , it was before time and it will exist after and beyond time. That is which resides forever all it does is take different forms and dimensions but itself remains absolute .This is the truth that binds us all , we may be a humanity divided by faith , colour , beliefs , opinions , geographies , genders , sexuality and much more but beneath all this carp that differentiates us lies the ultimate truth that is the truth of humanity .This is what binds all we are made from the same mud and the same consciousness .

The seekers search is for the search of that eternal truth that resides with in , the joy of the inner journey is as wondrous and full of nectar as the joy of the outer .The outer journey atet wants to conquer and succeed in the world is made up on the principle of acquisition .The inner is full of bliss and peace , both the seeker of inner riches and the seeker of outer riches are in a race so to say looking for something that will complete them , they are both thirsty but looking for different things in different dimensions .Jeff Bezos’s and the search of Satguru is in different dimensions one seeking in the outer and the other seeking in the inner . As Krishna sad there are only two paths for the seeker  the inner and the outer antar mukhi and beher rmukhi .

Both seek the truth and both will never arrive the journey will go on till death comes and they take another form .The truth the soul will take another form and another body and the seeking will begin again .