The Pandemic is proving a boon for me, while humanity is in distress my Book Rashmi Verma is proving to be a very viable option with limited mobility and the constrains of the coronavirus. The story is a twisted psychological erotic campus tale. It can be shot in one location a college campus in a constrained environment from start to finish. In terms of production, it is easier to execute and without much fuss. With the virus on it can be shot from start to finish. This is a big plus as the story allows a platform to shoot it from start to finish in one go.

Thus you can put it into the pipeline ahead of other stories that have a more complicated shoot schedule or are meant to be shot in two or three different locations or have shooting schedules abroad.

In comparison Rashmi Verma is a smooth start to finish the shoot in one campus, thus the executions are easier especially in the time of the virus with limited mobility. You need to shoot content where the location and production are in tight control and that can be done here. As the story lends itself to one location a campus beautifully.