Ashish came up with a brilliant idea, he suggested that we make a pitch for my next book Party Girls also.” It is perfect sex, youth and trash talk all you need is five-star hotel rooms and lobbies.” He went on to say as we munched Seekh Kababs at the room 562 Juhu Marriott.

Well you need only a confined space and everyone wants to shoot in Mumbai, no one wants to venture out Party Girls can be shot entirely in a five-star hotel setting. It makes sense we can do a percent web series on the book in a continuous uninterrupted start to finish shoot.  This can be also an interesting and quick project to execute and in the pandemic age, it can be executed without a fuss.

‘ The story is simple a Banaras ka bhaiya called Yaar runs an event management agency, and uses it as a front to supply young models to Kathy men around the metro cities. The book has scenes of hotel rooms and halls and can be done at the marmot entirely .” I also saw the logic of pushing this as my next book after I also slept with Rashmi Verma, again. It is high on the sex factor and also talks about Sugar Daddy culture that has become prevalent in the west  and has me as its flag bearer in India .’ There has been a documentary in 60 min Australia on Sugar Babies and sugar daddies, where young twenty-something girls become friends with a rich middle-aged sugar daddy’s like me, for fun, money, and sharing of pleasure .” I told Ashish as we smoked together at the lobby of my new abode for the next two months at-least.

This looks wonderful and amazing how seamlessly things have begun to move for me in Mumbai, in-fact I would be one of the few who has used the situation to my advantage as I am selling my books and stories on the premise that they are easy to execute and produce in times that prevail. My Book Yes sir I killed My Dad got sold to Razor Blade productions and the deal went smoothly. I became a sold author with a book being made into a web-series. Bad times what bad times?

Will be meeting Raj Shandilya and will finalize his role, so that he can seamlessly contribute to the script and the web movie we are making on the adaptation of my book I also slept with Rashmi VermaHis contribution and name will be critical in giving more strength to the project. With Deepak doing some more rewriting to turn the book into a movie format we are headed in the right aligned direction. I am happy and I am gay rejoice and just rejoice.