Its been over four years of blogging for me and I have 20 ebooks selling online in the marketplace with local-language editions. With over 500 books sold, am I making money from what I do? The answer is no, I don’t infect I have lost money in my blogging journey so far. So why do I continue a futile exercise that is not commercially viable at all? Why do I go on writing every day and keep checking my book sales figures? The answer is that I have nothing else to do, this is all I can do or feel like doing as of now. Making money be damaged, I blog because it keeps me alive and well and sane. You have to do something during the day and this is as good an activity as any .i am busy and like a little boy playing slot machines in a casino, I am hooked to this, it is like playing the slot machine and I get my kicks with it.

It keeps in touch with the latest trends and happenings in the world to keep blogging I have to read a lot of content and therefore I grow my knowledge on vast subjects and topics, I remain informed and educated about the goings-on in the world around me. It gave me immense creative satisfaction, designing book covers and selecting photos also playing with words and finding unique ways to promote my work. I challenge each day to think up new content ideas and posts, think of new topics and then do extensive research on them. It keeps my creative juices flowing.

Although Blogging is not yet taken seriously as a full-time career, it is treated as a hobby or way of making pocket money on the side. The number of bloggers has increased and more and more people are making money from this venture. Still, only 50 odd top blogs operate in India that are making any kind of serious money. Around 96% of floggers starve to death or compensate their blogging through some other job or part-time work. Does that mean anyone can blog, absolutely not, this is a specialized field and one needs certain definite skills to succeed in blogging. The key is creative writing, lateral thinking, innovative mind, Knowledge seeking mind and the ability to promote one’s work. Without these it is difficult to succeed in blogging, so no not everyone can do blogging, you need skills and some natural flair for this activity.

You have to choose your own revenue stream, barter, co-promote and use your blog innovative to make it useful to you and also others. For me, it is all I have and I have taken it to step further to becoming an author and an audio-book narrator. I will keep doing it till I get bored and move on to the next big thing, as for now, it’s my book sales that are keeping me busy and also the translations of my work.