The keyword is a word or a bunch of words that when a person searches for it on google, gets the desired information. If the keywords that link to your blog webpages are giving good results then they should rank on the first page when searched for by the linked keywords. You can use keywords as quick links attached to your blog. I have put keywords like Travel Books Online, Religious Books Online, Poetry Books Online, Travel Blog in India, Travel Books In India. These are the keywords my SEO team is pushing. This means anyone looking for travel books when types Travel Books Online will get on the first page of the google search. The idea is to generate enough search traffic that you rank higher and higher on the google search engine page. This happens over a period of time and slowly your designated keywords will climb up in the ranking, a few of my keywords rank 5 and 8 in the google ranking which is high. But you need to identify the relevant keywords for the content that you are serving up in your blog.

Have a separate page when someone clicks on the quick links on the blog, in my case each keyword will take you to a type of book I am selling through my blog. Keywords earth links are also a source of new traffic that comes directly to the blog. A large portion off my new visitors and users come through when a keyword is searched for and the user clicks on the link of This directs a lot of traffic to my blog and all of it is new users looking for differ t types of travel and religious books.