My heart sank I had just finished taking the autorickshaw ride to my motel in four bungalows, it was pouring I was drenched my clothes soaked in rainwater. I am mostly in a zapped state with nothing but my web series on my mind and in such an absentminded state I managed to lose my laptop at the back seat of the auto. The driver large Muslim gentlemen with a skull cap and listening to music on his headphone, you guessed it smartphones everybody has smartphones now. I have been hearing auto drivers gossiping so much they are busy yapping all the time .” wo kamala meri purani girlfriend, wo jo lambi choti wali thin, wo na salla Suresh ke Saath bhaag Gayi, purani yaari thi dono ki .” the auto driver chatted  away on the phone, I was in deep paranoia with thoughts of an email I had sent to Sunil Shetty regarding the e-book and screenplays of I also slept with Rashmi Verma. I wanted a meeting badly with the great man, so much so that me a Tiwari ji had planned it that I would also take  a selfie with him with my book cover a piece of cardboard with a printed cover on top, so what if I was not carrying a real book . “ life mien Thoda cheating chalta hei Rajan .” Tiwari always calls me Rajan. “ I will also come with you Rajan, to take your selfie with the great man.

I was now awaiting the final call from his office. yes, the final call, my first real presentation of my story to a big Bollywood name, a legend in his own right, the balwan. the final call to be able to share my books and thoughts. I had tapped him firmly on the shoulder at his aram Nagar office. “ Sunil sir, sir my name is Anuj tikku, I have written in your film EMI, I have written a book which is selling very well online, I want to make a web series out of it, need 15 min of your time .” the great man looked around to hear me , he must have like the name of my book and instantly recognized me .” yes yes I know you , my office will call you,” he asked his assistants more then 7 of them large burly men with black beards . looked at me with peering eyes. a connection was instantly formed and he nodded to me. bang I had his email the next day and my book and proposal were sent to him instantly. I love the guy, then I waited for the final call. my energies are height and I did some yoga today after a long time.

Well let my mind stop meandering I lost my laptop at the back seat of the auto and realized late the auto had left by then and I was left high and dry , the entire night was spent in conversation with Tiwari Ji as to will the auto driver ever give it back .” you know I lost my camera bag in Italy on the way to Antarctica , but I got it back right to my doorstep , it had a lot more equipment .” I realized there was a book cover also in the bag, it had my name on it and the logo of my blog the laptop is locked and no one has the passwords, so no one can openly. it is useless that way but he could pon it was 20 k or so. let’s see how pure the man is and honest, I mused to myself .” maybe he is dishonest then he will sell it for scraps, we had to wait and see. here to I waiting for a final call, a call that the driver would return it and that it has been found.

The call form sunils office came he wants to meet me. he must have read the book and the synopsis, he likes the book and the story it seems .the call came within a day. some achievement, some progress as I crisscross Mumbai with my dreams of making an erotic web series .i also slept with Rashmi Verma, I am back in Mumbai and loving it now. thinking why wasn’t I here earlier, but then things only happen when they have to happen and this is an adventure I wish to take.  the vibes are good and I know I have done my homework . of course the music will be ready the theme song of Rashmi Verma, he would love to hear that .so here it goes as I sooth in the surroundings of palm court and swims in the wondrous lake of arry colony.

My luck was great I managed to get a free lunch worth 700 bucks at the Calcutta club restaurant. I told the owner I had covered his food in my blog and also showed him the pictures of his outlet in my book travel bawarchi, selling on  so you see how effective barter strategy is when you want to monetize your blog. free lunch is the best in exchange for publicity. remember all bloggers, the best way to get value from your blog is to get free lunches and dinners from hotels and restaurants. a strategy to be used by bloggers .this is the strategy I will use with kakke da dhaba wala free food on a shoot in exchange for publicity and a ribbon-cutting at the dhaba. I am sure Sunil would love the idea and jump at it. but let my mind not run so fast first things first stay positive and flow with the energies. it is weeding the web series, the web has been thrown now let’s see how many catch the web.

The final call tomorrow is d day with Sunil and my first real presentation of my story.