Man selling the web series can be a real spider web. Just got a call from Krishna by screenplay writer, he had managed to get a meeting with the head of an OTT platform called to watch a new Platform still trying to make inroads into the market. It was great I thought but then the feedback I got was,” Yaar yeh tho web series ki ma chod dein ge, the senior producer told me, by the end of every episode Rashmi Verma should get fucked by a new guy. Arey, we are making a realistic film the poor girl came to campus to study how can we show her getting fucked in every episode. She only had five lovers, if we make 10 episodes she will  have to get fucked by ten guys .”  This was really funny , I retorted “ Arrey as it is guys of my batch are pissed off for portraying her in such a demeaning way, on top of that all the female Book Bloggers have trashed the book for being obscene and showing women in bad light and on top of that these guys want to get her fucked in every episode by a new guy .’

Krishna gave his two-bit,” No no on top of that they want me to put two more women in the story and increase the masala and sex bit. I told then that will take away the soul of the book and Rashmi Verma is also strong women after all she slaps Surinder Bawana in the face, she is not just a slut but also a fighter in her own right .”

Hey Bhagwan is Duniya ka Kya hoga, I thought I was the only dirty guy around these guys will beat my hand’s down .” I shudder to think that by the time this web series is actually made it might look more like Jurassic Park, rather than a campus erotic story.

But that is then. The key issues that I am having to deal with while selling my book. Everybody from the platform producers to in house writers wants to add their own interpretations to the story and twist and turn it in some way or the other. As the originator of the content I do not wish to make many compromises, maybe new dialogues can be added or a situation or tow can be changed, but you just can’t put new characters and start new tracks that would dilute the concept and the punch in the story. The closer it is to what really happened the better at least that is what I think.

But this is a start let us see what happens as we push forward, how many twists I will be asked to create in the plot and how many sub posts the only god can tell. On top of that, there is this contract business that needs to be signed. Many projects are shelved even after contracts have been signed and token money was taken. For a project of this size there are a lot of variables and a lot of people have to agree with the concept, one has to appease many and that really dilutes the story itself. Nonetheless, I march forward in my effort to web the web-series web.