A chance meeting with a friend of Ani’s throws more light on the course I should take in making my web series. This was a heavy coincidence of names, the friend of Ani’s was also called Anuj and I am also Anuj. He happens to work for a production house and heard about the title of my web-series I also slept with Rashmi Verma. Anuj is a producer with a production house with a similar name as my lead protagonist Rashmi Verma, who happens to have a real name of Rashmi Sharma. Yes, he works for Rashmi Sharma Productions, and I have a meeting with them tomorrow where I pitch my web series to them .” So it is Rashmi Verma meets Rashmi I Sharma I guess at the end of the meeting I wouldn’t know which one is which .” I laminated as I spoke to Anuj on the dinner points of selling a book and a story to a production house. It seems they are very good at their job and have launched more than half a dozen shows which are doing very well. They have also made great films like Pink and Madari with good actors and stars alike. For me, it seems to be a lucky coincidence to be heard by them. So what will it be Rashmi Sharm productions, Watch the OTT platform or my dear friend Raj Shandiliya currently the darling of Ekta Kapoor with a stranglehold on Alt Balaji? Who will bite the bullet first and gobble up my story, who will back my dream and see it completion?

This bizarre coincidence of names surly will lead somewhere I have a hunch on it. Webbing my dreams as I move from one door to another peddling my bags of stories I have collected from all around the world. That’s all I have is stories, they are my true collections intact there are the only things of real value I have , rest is all bullshit , but my experiences, my observations the people who have touched me and moved me and my collection of stories they are my gold mine and I am looking for people who can evaluate and then fund these stories of mine . Indeed I must spin a web of my stories and entice the production house to make my dream a reality. How far I get god only knows but the journey has begun where I stand on the doorstep of meeting another Rashmi Sharma after more than 20 years. Let’s keep spinning the web and throwing the dice.

We did are usual naming at a friend’s place who played the sitar for hours and I danced to the tune in a rather crazy fashion shaking my head and making large echo-like sounds as if to ape the tune of the sitar. We took some videos, I suddenly realized how fat I had become but the vigorous work outdid me a lot of good, but I must lose weight to get back to my acting and just be fit. The video I have shared with my friends. Mumbai I have got into some action and I am enjoying being active again.