Today was good for me, it was a humid hot day but I managed a meeting with an assistant of Raj Shadilya. I spent half an hour explaining to him the plot and the graph of my web-series I also slept with Rashmi Verma. He looked interested as I told him about the lead characters and shared some funny punchlines and dialogues with him. I even gave him a preview of the theme song of the web series. The man is riding high on the success of Dream Girl and could be a potential connection with Alt Balaji the producers of Dream Girl. Dreams and more dreams if not Raj at least we got to meet his assistant. I made sure I gave him enough info about the plot and the twist of Mama Molester at the end of episode five.

Tiwari my man Friday had made ten large posters of my web-series and it was time for us to put them at our favorite restaurants at Oshiwara. The first one to give us permission was Calcutta Club they had offered me a free meal and now I was doing an interview with their staff. The posters had been stuck to the wall of the restaurant and I had taken some pictures with the waiters. The next stop was the Woak where we discussed putting posters for our web series. The deal is simple all the favorite eating joints I will cover and interview on my blog the restaurant and food reviews will go in my Travel Bawarchi book and in return, I will ask for free meals and free publicity for my books. A barter deal, with no exchange of money. Very simple and old fashioned and most restaurants where I am a regular will readily agree to it. With videos on youtube and articles on my blog, this is a win-win deal. I promote your restaurant and it’s dishes and you give publicity to my ebooks and provide me free meals.

Its amazing was in the world people are getting kicks about making 100 cr. films and earning million-dollar salaries. I am getting my kicks by availing free meals in restaurants. Well I never wanted money in my life, intact I have never strived to earn much money, that has never been my race. I have always wanted experiences or various kinds, varied and vivid experiences and that is what working on my web series and traveling around the world gives me. In return, if I can get free meals and free air tickets, that’s what I strive for.

Posters at Calcutta club were a start and I want to keep the moment going, as I web the web series web and promote my e-book form one establishment to the other. Till then enjoy the photographs of the interiors of Calcutta club and learn about its history, heritage and amazing Bengali dishes.