The screenplay building phase and getting book reviews from bloggers for your book are both very exciting phases while you build and tightened the story into a screenplay. I hired Krishna to write the screenplay, my main goal was to narrow down on a dozen or so characters and keep the essence of the campus story intact. I had to also make sure that the main dialogues and the pushes were also kept in the screenplay although the writer used his imagination also, after all, it was the screenplay writer who suggested that we let the old Rashmi Verma play the role of the little girl, like Sri Devi in the film Sadma.

‘She is just not a whore, she has guts and stands up against the hypocrisy of men, a true feminist at that time twenty years back .” Krishna lamented .” But we have to have the dialogue when Toss Bansal  says haar ladki Rashmi Verma nahi Hoti Kisi ke Saath bhi khol kar khadi ho jati thi .” I gave my two-bit as we both built it together. The elected characters were itched out and divided into primary and secondary characters. The length of the screenplay was kept at 20 min each that is a standard of the industry I guess. Here I got my first feedback about my story and became sure that I had something there, maybe a spark that could be light. We would spend days thinking and jerking off on the potential start cast, who would be the Rashmi Verma,’ Tapsee Pannu, Anushka or maybe a totally new face .” Anupriya yaar she was a crush of mine but she never reciprocated my love .” I sighed and told Krishna .” Ab jo dus Saal Pehle hath nahi Ayi wo ab kya hath aye gi .” I got a retort.

I made sure my role of mama molester was perfectly etched including the mirror and doll scene in the book, I was able to write a song for it also .’ All the lady book bloggers have said it is offensive to women and should treat women with respect, there will be a controversy on this issue I am sure .” I had warned my writer, who is looking to make more money on my story,” Bhai I will try and pitch it to some platforms I know, but I will share money with you, you will get paid for the book and get your role .’ Krishna was not satisfied with his Rs 75000 remuneration and was wanting more for his hard work . Its all about the money honey remind of the headline of an article Shobha De had written on my Dad’s murder case it was also called “ It’s all about the money Honey .”

I am yet to record for my song but I and the music director Manish pat our backs for getting the web series theme song right,” No no it is perfect 80’s Bollywood dhamaka song, Sujata has sung it well .”

‘It is like Jo jeeta wohi Sikandar a college romance kind of story, she can be like Pooja Bedi the campus hotti .” One producer had imagined my story to be like the Amir Khan hit film. The good part is whoever I am meeting with my project is hearing me well and most also recognize me from my earlier acting days. I keep spinning my yarn and showing my plan, who and what will click will remain a Mistry .’ Now how can you make a women gate fucked by ten guys when actually she screwed only five, I thought I was dirty , you should see some of my prospects talk , everyone wants eyeballs , censorship be dammed , that is how this industry is flourishing once the censorship come sin they will have issues .’ I told my friends about the goings-on of the industry. Ajay Devgan ’s Drishyam is another film people are enjoying .” The web series space is still hot and would remain so for the next three years as digital formats will grow and 5G will further push the envelope. Advanced and fast data transmission and increased bandwidth will make sure you have 24hr entertainment in your palm anytime anywhere. Technology has changed the game in the way content is being served and watched. This has lead to the diverse camera and editing tools and techniques which never existed the film 300 and Bahubali are examples of that. Cutting edge technology tools, realistic locations and a kick-ass realistic story with sex, passion and a message will hit the bullseye in the web content space. You just need to partner with the right creative, marketing, and commercial people. This takes time as people are often busy or unconcerned as they have many projects of their own going on .” Why write sleaze books like I also slept with Rashmi Verma, we are not so bold as a society and people will object to such vulgarity, I mayor well-wisher that s why I am telling you this.’ My Bua lamented me over the phone and asked me to stay away from controversies as I have had many before too. the only thing that takes you forward is your passion for your story and project that’s all, finance will follow atlases that’s what Mukesh Ambani would make us believe.