The meeting at Deepak the MD of Rapport Events was scheduled for 3;00 PM and our star attraction Raj gave it a miss, he is suffering from fever since last night. Non the less I along with James and Ashish did a brainstorming session on the project and fate of the erotic web series. Deepak was harp with his questions and had a long jam session on the story and the love angle of Rashmi Verma with the author and how she has to be portrayed as being a strong woman who could stand up to men. James with having written the screenplay knew the story and it’s finer points by heart. I Was keen to share my Content Hub experience with Deepak and that how we needed to package the story with a director and some lead actors so that we can get the interest off some OTT platforms and prospective buyers.

Deepak has a small but tastefully done up office, with a secretary who I had a chat with I told her the story of Jack Ma and his secretary that he persuaded her to stay on with him for 16 years and after that when the company hit IPO she became a billionaire. James laughed at that story. But the atmosphere was cordial as we were getting to know each other. Deepak seemed friendly and professional, he would keenly ask questions even giving his bit on the casting of the elating lady, he saw her as a Young Radhika Apte. Names of Rakul Preet and Chunky Pandey’s daughter were thrown around. More fantasy in the air, at least all of us were sure that the budget should be at least 10 lakhs per episode.

I gave a low down of my other books which could be digitally adapted and Deepak promised to read my book and screenplay and pull some strings to get the project moving and trying to pitch it to his known friends and contacts in the industry. We had a 40 min. Meeting and lots of tea and water, but came out cheerful at what and been achieved so far. One more buyer of my book and one more narration of my story. As I move on chugging the web-series  Chu Chu train.