My desire to make web-series out of my erotica campus tale now pulls me to Mumbai again it’s as if my heart is tugging at me to do this project and take it further bait at my own pace. I have the paperback version of the book in my hand and a look in my inbox gave me this idea that I should be heading to attend a conference, yes sir a Content Hub 2020 conference for a period of two days from the 4th to 5th of March at the Sahara Star Hotel. How did I come to know of it simple this is a screenwriter association invite and the event is done by

So! What’s so great, well there will be over thirty leading lights go the television Digital OTT and Cinema space. CEO of Dharma Productions, MD Sony Liv, COO Viacom 18, writers of famous web series and movies like Panga and Mirzapur, you name it they are all their giving talks, participating in panel discussions and guiding young content creators independent writers and filmmakers, helping them understand the digital age and the art of making mobile content. It will be a two day all packed affair from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm with breakfast lunch and tea included. 

All this at a ticket price of Rs 3000 by the way SWA members get a 25% discount but you need to have your discount card number with you handy to avail of it.

The mail was inviting and was a perfect getaway for a book writer like me hell-bent on making a web-series and launching it. I have done the groundwork the book the screenplay the music it’s all ready. I have enough reviews and 5 episode graphs to swear by. All I need is to find an OTT platform or channel boss and pull him by the hand and trust my book in his hand. Like hey boss this book I want to make a web-series into and you will help me make it, just need your time to take you through the already prepared screenplay. Maybe take a picture with him and hand him my card. Networking that is why I am going here, to get some prospects and content heads to bite the bullet and buy my story or at least tell me how to go about doing just that.

Buy from me Netflix and Jio and Zee5 make this into an erotic campus tale, do it well with a budget of 50 lakhs or so. This is what you are looking for to get those new viewers. I hope to learn about content creation and educate myself further in the digital OTT space. The room on OYO is booked and so is my ticket to Mumbai. It is going to be a hectic three days in the city. Hope to meet my old prospect production house and appraise them further. So keep reading my trust with destiny as I march forward to make a web series that will blow your mind.