Sex is Natural Sex is Good Not Everybody does it but everybody should?

Hot and Steamy web series are the order of the day as apps lap up the lust, sex, and free love, the other the scene the more aggressive the lovemaking the better. Let’s face it our youth in small towns and metro have a lot of energy and when you are young that energy finds a manifestation through sex. As sex is a potent whirlpool of energy a lot of energy goes into the act of lovemaking. This is a release of sorts both men and women take their energy down to their groin and then in a burst release it through the act of orgasm. This is all about the energies and its release in the body. Youth has a lot of it and they are having a lot of sex naturally. But our social structure and mindset are such that we have made sex a taboo, and a hush-hush thing in amongst us.

We have to transform this energy into love and excitement. I feel that is why it is important for us all to be free and keep the web series space free to. I am all for sex in my web series it should be done naturally is natural lighting and settings. No hiding behind sheets and push up bra’s, no wet white saree. Just show it the way it is keeping it tasteful and erotic in nature. The audience must feel the heat and the warmth between the actors.

I have seen most of the sex and lust scenes in the latest web series, Sacred Games, Voot fantasy, Gandi Baat, Sacred Games no one has shown breasts so far. I wonder why no one has shown full-frontal shots. Yes, they have shown cleavages, bareback’s, lip locks, foot play and fucking. But the actress’s breasts were not shown in full glory, nor where the large hip cheeks. Most shots the actress had a bed-sheet on or lovemaking was happening with clothes on.

An actress needs to break this boundary by showing full frontals, her breasts and her hip’s. That will really make the sexual energies of the youth exploded. Let’s face it the youth watch web-series to jerk off, that’s what I do when I watch these erotic, steamy scenes from the latest offerings. This energy is released, I think sex is good and the youth needs to get a dose of it so that we can release society from sexual repression and save our young girls from getting raped. The Telangana rape case where four men raped a doctor and then killed and burnt her body, these kinds of incidents will not be repeated, if the sexual energies of the youth can be released through exciting and erotic material, think a great service to mankind can be done.

The steamer the better we need a sexual revolution to rid society of sexual repression and have our sons and daughters release their sexual energies in their private space. You can carry your mobile phone in the loo and jerk off while watching steamy erotic scenes from your favorite web series. They do great service to us all. I remember I myself used to jerk off on the xxx videos that my parents enjoyed when they were young, I was only 13 then. We would play cards with the naked girl’s photographs on them in boarding school.

All this material is a must and helps in the release of sexual energy without causing harm to anyone. No unwanted rapes, molestations, no ghastly act. I think a dose of erotica with lots of jokes and humans can be very invigorating. I want to spend that vision through my web series, sex, humor, jokes, all cobbled up together in a youth college campus comedy.