Mumbai alas nothing has changed yet everything looks transformed, new bars, restaurants, cafe’s eateries you name it a lot has changed. The theatres the movies, the rickshaws, the noise, the lights, the traffic, the struggle for survival. I am getting the true feel of the city that has a loiter around Lokhandwala, Juhu, Goregaon, Andheri into the back alleys of Aram Nagar, and the studios of Mhada. I have seen the rains of Mumbai and the heat of autumn, the entire city is going to sleep due to the festive season and I am yet to find my first acting job. Bumped into some actors from the sets of Torbaaz we had dinner together at a local Lebanese joint, they were with me in the shoot at Kirkistan. It seems the Afghani actors are in great demand “ I just shoot for Panipat a period action film, great going .” Brabarik explained, he was a great big tall Afghan who lives in Sweden. ‘ Try the auditions in aram Nagar, you might get some work .” I got some advice from my friends.

I have been eating out mostly the same old restaurants Calcutta Club. The irresistible charm of using the auto again beats everything. I donated Rs 50 to hungry women with a kid, who was asking to be feed,’ You are a good man, kind only a good man will help a poor and needy like you just did .” He smiled and was glad to see my venture of kindness .” Yes, random acts of kindness, it’s what’s most important, it will come back one day or the other unexpectedly as a reward .’ He lamented. I took a pack of cigarettes and the man remarked,” Aaj Kaun kiski help Karta hei sir .” The man-made an observation .” Saab number total ho raha hei sir, upar .”

Still waiting for a call from a production house for a story sitting session. Anticipating for things to happen after Diwali I guess. As I move towards Benares and Ayodhya in search of Ram and to be part of the great Diwali Festival. My web series still lives on with me as I look for someone to bite the bullet. Ramu seems to be on a shoot as it is difficult to catch any big fry not now not yet. I spoke to my old servant boy chootu he is still driving cars for a new master now since I sacked him after selling the flat in Mumbai. The bugger has two kids and has put on weight just like me, chatted with him for a while,” I may be coming to Mumbai again, I am looking for work, be ready to work for me again .” I said , he was good and loyal servant and I wish to keep him again if I have to spend more time in the city.

Web spin the yarn, spin the web. The first phase of the Mumbai Chapter comes to an end.