Action has started on the pitching front form Rashmi Sharma productions, they have engaged my screenplay writer to make changes to the first screenplay of my web-series, and have payed him a sum of Rs 10,000  fro the work, this proves to me they are serious about the project and the pitch to Ekta Kapoor and zee 5 the first episode screenplay the language and obscenity has been toned down a bit to better suit the platform since it has been decided not to pitch it to ULLU Application witch along with low budgets is also very sleazy, we have decided to pitch to Alt Balaji instead.

The action has begun and Anuj the producer has prepared an audiovisual presentation for the pitch, work is happening and at a steady pace. The new development is that my book Yes sir I killed my dad is also in demand and people want to pitch it for making a web series.

“ I think the owner of Rashmi Sharma productions meet Ekta in a party and showed him your book, she wants something like Jamtara it is very successful as a web-series.” James my screenplay writer said .” What is the story of Jamtara .” I asked him .” Well, it is the story of a fishing village where little kids do a credit card scam and steal money from other villagers by conning them to give the CVV numbers of their ATM cards and stealing their money .” James elaborated on the story.

“ Yes I know the feeling of being conned when I traveled to Africa some machines they are scanned the details of my card and then with the card details, purchases where made from obscure websites in the US, but since I had alerts on my mobile phone I came to know someone was using my card and was able to call phone banking to stop my card and block the purchases, I wrote this in one of my blogging books also .”

“ It’s crazy yaar who stories are sold in Bollywood everyone just wants to chase a hit idea, but there is only one hit the rest of the concepts based on a hit will all fail the world is driven by a follower mentality which is bound to fail .” I gave my insight on the “ I said with exasperation not knowing how long will my story keep floating around in the Bollywood space like so many others.

“ First the story and the book will have to be sold, that it has to be made and then it will finally be delivered to the market and we will know whether it is a hit or a miss, it seems from story to final product is a big battle .”  My own screenplay writer had not sold a single story as yet, I realized I was dealing with people who themselves had no experience of selling a story and paraded around the Bollywood space as writers. “You know you are like my lawyer, he had been fighting my case for 5 years, when I asked him water he had won a single case, he said none, there are lawyers parading around doing professional lawyers who have not won a single case because very few cases reach a final conclusion in our courts .” I laughed and said. But till then I will keep dreaming.