So here I was in Mumbai peddling my web series, this time to another taker Rashmi Sharma Productions, what a coincidence that the real name of the protagonist is also the same. I was greeted by a senior producer from the company, along with my friend Anuj the same name as mine another coincidence. Anuj was pushing my book and web-series idea. I explained my background to the senior producer and started to narrate the story, I even played some of the recorded songs on my mobile phone for them to hear,” The title track is just like an 80’s Qurbani chartbuster. I like it Manish has done a good song .” He was happy with it .” Well, the pre-production is almost done we have 5 episodes screenplay, two songs, the paperback, and the audiobook will be out soon .” I also took pride in building the franchise of Rashmi Verma .” So tell us about the girl how was she and how did her life progress, what and where is she now .” The producer asked as I explained the life and times of Rashmi Verma .” Well we are thinking of increasing it to 8 episodes and pitch it to Alt Balaji that way we can get a better budget, Ullu is too downmarket for this, it is pure sleaze  Alt has more class and Ekta has more Grander. Anyways Ullu has a budget of 3 lakhs per episode it is too cheap and only a tacky show can be made, our book has a distinct story with a twist, in the end, it has substance and etched character, it deserves a much larger canvass .” The producer explained .” Yes, I want it as a retro look and transport the audience to that era, we have seen BHU in Banaras as the perfect location, the current college campus has become modern and do not match the look and feel.

We were discussing the story and I explained the relationship I had with Miss Verma and her moods and how she justified what she did .” I have even started a contest called Who Fucked Rashmi Verma first, where people have to say who was the guy who slept with her first .” I explained this was to promote the Paperback of the book.

It was a business-like meeting with the narration adding the soft touch, I got a feeling they were interested as I asked them to use their in house writers to write the other 3 episodes. “ We will pitch to Ekta, she is very meticulous and will go into every detail of the shows she sanctions .” I was told by the producer. “ We will ask you to come to narration if need be .” He further stated. Good start I think, but as my astrologer said to be careful with the kind of people you attract, and be clear on the scale of the project you have in mind, do not dilute your dream. I am taking one step at a time and trading carefully watching everyone who comes forward and shows interest in my project.