An important leg has started for me in terms of selling my web series and getting my books to be made into films. Meet Raj Shandilya and his team and told them my erotic campus tale, he found the story Interesting all the while I nodding along. Raj is Tiwari’s old friend as they wrote comedy circus together and he has Ekta’s ear thus he is our best bet to make the web-series and do the pitch to the right people. I started off in my own way explaining  the escapees of the girl Rashmi Verma,” So you see the important thing is that she doesn’t sleep with the author of the book and he sees her sleeping with all his friends.” I went on with the narration,” This brings jealousy into his heart and he takes revenge from those who have slept with her.” I went on as Raj and his producer gazed at me. “ We also have another story Yes Sir I killed my Dad! Jo inke Pita ke murder case par he.” Tiwari explained as if to say that we had a bag full of stories.

They look pleased and promised some work in their future projects. I am spending a week this time in Mumbai, the Mama Molester Song is ready and Manish has done his job well.  I am sure soon my stay time in the maximum city will increase. I have also been trying to find out how sex scenes are actually shot in real for a web series.

I have been staying in Andheri East this time and the meeting with Raj was the purpose of this visit, let’s see in what direction the project takes me.