I have been busy these days recording some chapters from my upcoming audiobooks and e-books, just finished doing a video log on a few chapters from my uninterrupted web movie I also slept with Rashmi Verma. I do a recording and then edit the videos to upload on my Facebook page and youtube channel. It’s a way to get the actors and other people in the project excited about the project. I have been using my new I phone 11 for this and it has proved very effective. I can use the airdrop to send files to my laptop which makes it easy to upload. My Lewis and engagements have increased for the month and the videos have had some impact but overall followers have not increased and have remained steady for my page.

My friends have been calling and have spoken about the videos, so they are going to notice. Video blogs are effective means of communication and I have been reading excerpts from other books of mine, I have even played the character of Mama Molester in some of the videos as a means of doing self-training. Using I movies to edit add sound beds and titles, Tehri is skins and filters that I use to enhance the visual appeal and grain of my videos too this makes them a bit attractive and fun to see and listen too. The new tools are keeping me busy these days as I wonder how to start work on my new book, I am yet to wrap up The Boy who saved Buddha which is still on my pending list.

Trying to see how to make more exciting content but when you are on your own it’s only you, you have to play with, which can be boring at times.

An old uncle called up, he is partially blind now and I gave him money to help him out with his treatment a charitable act for a friend’s father who is very dear to me. Apart from that I am idle most of the day and spend time with my eyes closed lying on my bed. Till then enjoy the videos.