The Virus has impacted the world and it has been near four months of misery lockdowns, sickness, dash and failing economy the doom is apparent as societies and countries try and deal with the changing landscape of people having to operate from home and with travel restricted, all travel has been effected badly this hotel booking, airlines, hotels, resorts, or locations every kind of travel has fallen dramatically around the world. Millions of Jobs have been lost in the travel and tourism industry and it has had an impact on travel blogging. They are seeing their projects postponed and sponsors backing out, only is tight, most bloggers are writing about the coronavirus and what people should do at home to spend their time productively. Hotel booking has dropped more than 30% and the airline is cutting staff as they begin to bleed due to no international travel.

Bloggers being part of the gig economy and not the mainstream are still used to coping with uncertainties and are better placed than most to cope with these changing times that could last longer than expected. Travel bloggers need to change their thought process and make engaging content that educates the readers on the times of the Coronavirus and also gives them tips to stay safe and healthy during these times. Since there will not be much traveling and tourism for months on end bloggers need to find new content to represent the strange and uncertain times that the world has been thrown into due to the pandemic. An online travel website and hotel booking portals have also seen a huge loss of traffic and the only industries thriving are Energy, Food, Pharma and Media, this is all the basic necessities essential just to keep us alive. The rest of all the other industries have fallen sharply by almost 30% to 40%.

It is the worst time to travel anywhere and I recommend a strict lockdown routine. Meditate, read, write, watch Netflix and chat to friends old friends not new ones, you just might get a new insight. Live like a hermit or a monk just with the bare minimum at times like this leaning towards spirituality will help. Save money and valuable resources because this could be a longer haul than expected. But remain cheerful and make fun uplifting content, try advice more than preach. The movement will be severely restricted and there will be a deep rescission so time will be hard we know that the rise in domestic violence proves the fact that people are tense and job losses are mounting this is creating pressure on the family as a unit. This is the time to stay connected with real friends and family and show solidarity towards others.

Till then give readers hope and educate them on the new landscape.