It’s been over three months of the Pandemic and Lockdowns since I have been stuck in a hotel room in Mumbai, I would have gone insane if it was not for the company of these books that I enjoyed and listening to. My favorite books and audiobooks to pass time and get rid of those blues are as follow’s, the best ten so far.

1 The Subtle art of Not Giving a Fuck: This book from Mark Manson is a bible for how to live life opposite to the prevailing culture, basically living life counter-intuitively, by just not giving a fuck. The book tells us not to give a fuck about a lot of things that are of no importance but we have to do just to stay with the crowd. Instead, the author says choose your fucks carefully and live life being your true authentic self.

2 Why everything is Fucked: This is a sequel to the Subtle art of not giving a fuck and continues further on the primary theme. No doubt very engaging even talking about how to create your own alternative religion or a cult. Manson has again given a hit and adds to that he is also a celebrity blogger. Someone I wish to emulate as I like his style and no holds barred writing from the gut. He can be cruel especially when he tears down the self-help and motivation culture that prevails currently where everyone wants to be good and consume even more.

3 Lisa: This was an audiobook I sent time listening to, it is the autobiography of Lisa Ray in her own words. She talks about her modeling and acting days in Bollywood and the horrific accident of her mother. Her relationship with her father and the many hits and misses of her life. I adored her as a teenager and she has written moving prose.

4 Wikileaks: The other audiobook that I loved listening to was about the life of Julie-an Lasagne the news reporter and journalist who bought the US government to its keens when he leaked important military information and video’s that showed the US helicopters shooting at a mob and killing Reuters journalist without mercy. The man and how he founded Wikileaks and evaded the US government by taking refuge in the Ecuador embassy, the audiobook is thrilling and reads like a spy novel. Loved every bit of it and was moved enough to further research on the man and what he is fighting for.

6 David and Goliath: This is another brilliant book by the famed author Malcolm Gladwell, whose book Tipping point was a best seller and much enjoyed by me. In this book, the author takes us carefully through the biblical story of David fighting the gains Goliath and how the Gains was blinded by his own strength and size and how David foxed him by using a totally different weapon a sling to defeat and kill him. He used this analogy of how big large companies lose focus and are defeated by Tehri smaller more nimble competitors who totally disrupt them through innovation and stealth. A must listen to the book.

7 Ravan: This is the story of the great Villain and a brave King Ravan written by Amish and part of his series after Sita. The book is Ravan’s perspective and shows his inner points and his great powers as well. I interesting books and brilliant and imaginative narration.

8 Ikigai: This lovely little book written by Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralle talks about the Japanese philosophy of living life called IKIGAI. It looks into a particular island in Japan where there is the largest concentration of people living over the age of 100. It explores the ways of living a peaceful and long life and what are the important daily routines of these people who live so long in Japan. In all a fascinating and very informative read, I finished the book and was hooked to the audio.

9 OSHO: His sermons are mesmerizing and his audiobooks have a hypnotic trance on me very soothing during the tense lockdown phase.

10 Gita: This book authored by Dev Dutt Patnaik looks into the epic’s and especially the verses of the Gita, it is an interpretation of the sermon given by Lord Krishna to Arjun before the war began.Using models and quotes the author try to make us see what the meaning of Dharma is actually, a must-read for Epic enthusiasts.

Nineteen:  The book that I would want to give very special love to would be my own book Nineteen that is based on the background of Mumbai during the Pandemic. It traces the journey of two partners of a Bio-Technology company trying to find a vaccine for the Corona Virus. I just finished writing it on the 10 th May my Birthday. Must read for all of you when its; out on Kindle next week by yours truly Anuj Tikku.