ow to carry out a perfect Book Recitation

Now that I have been a published author for almost two years with over 20 books selling online on amazon.com and kobo.com along with other internet book stores. I have started taking part in literature festivals as they are the perfect place to meet fellow authors and promote your work. Most of the time you get the Dias to read an excerpt or two from your book and talk about your writing experience, so what should you keep in mind if you want to give that perfect recitation of your book, that garbs everyone by the ear and gets their attention. It also motivates and intrigues them further to buy your book. Here are a few pointers from my side.

Mike and Distance: Make sure you have a mike to speak from and keep it at six fingers length make sure it has been modulated and checked for an echo.

Seat and Delivery position: What position are you reading from, are you standing up or are you seated on a chair or a sofa. Have your reading glasses on at all times. I prefer to read from my iPhone X, I have got all my books on my kindle app and through a swish of a finger, I can flip the pages on the screen of my mobile and recite from the chapters word by word. Make sure your voice reaches the backbenchers and there is a  throw-in your recitation.

Publicity Material: Have your posters and a few paperback copies of your book near the Dias so that the people can see it and identify it as your work. The poster should be large enough in size.

The Hook: It’s always good to start cheerful and full of energy and joy and the audience should get that feel from you. Crack a joke to start off as you introduce yourself and your writings. Slip in the introduction and about yourself bit here at the start. Have one or two ready with you and use them at the start to build the mood. Always check that everyone can hear you well at the back and request the audience to switch their cell phones off.

Water Please: Have a bottle of mineral water or lime juice at all times as your throat will get parched as you read and it is the best way to clear your throat as you slip into the storytelling mode reciting the character dialogues.

Material: Have at least two chapters from your book ready from you to recite the opening has to be the first chapter, but before you start to give the audience a brief synopsis of what the story is about and any dedications you may have.

Just do it!  Once you start reciting keep a steady pace after the first dozen lines you will start getting the flow. Don’t hold back keep focused on the words and the story. Take pauses when necessary, they add to the tension. You must try and maintain eye contact with the audience and can look up at them after a few main paragraphs have been read. This builds intimacy and also Telles you how they are receiving your story and your recitation. Ideally, a five-minute recitation is good enough to start from, you may take it to 10 min not more than that. Make sure the audience leaves knowing what the story is about but not the entire storyline. You need to keep them hanging and wanting more so that they buy the book. Just build intrigue.

Close: You must have closure, crack a joke or an observation you want to share. May be an interesting anecdote or happening that took place when you were writing this particular book. Something wise and hearty for people to chew on as you wind up the proceedings. Maybe you can close with a short poem of yours to give that final touch.

Literature festivals, blogger conferences, and book reading sessions are the best way to build credibility as a genuine author and get publicity for your work. So to all authors and budding ones make sure you arrive here on time to hear and learn from the professionals in the trade.