Today my audio book narration went like clock work and since I have been doing this for a few weeks I thought it only prudent that I should share with you readers the best possible ways to record your audio book , how to build the perfect narration and get a great quality audio book that can sell at a premium of audible and I tunes . How one needs to master the audio book platform . Narrations can be off a few types the solo narration , where you as the author narrate the entire book . You can have sole character narration here one man does the narration but takes up many different character’s and plays them . The you can have audio plays where many actors get involved and lend their voice to the book and it’s narration. I have gone for solo author narration, There have been books in which I have tried to build character voices especially in the dialogues .Tips For Audio Book

You need a lot of energy to do a hour of through narration in one sitting, I have been doing one hour sessions and after some sessions I am so exhausted that I begin to sweat also. You need to be boisterous the throw of your voice has to be loud and clear , and you need to modulate your voice at times .Today while recording my book Travelthon Tales I put in a. Lot of energy and did 50% of the book in one single day .I was more focused today I feel .Make sure you don’t chew tobacco while recording and keep drinking water , talk 15 min breaks after one hour of recording and don’t do more then 4 hours a recording per day .

Audio Book Narration

Generally it is best to have three people in a session one the sound engineer who does the recording and the mixing and a producer who takes care of the timing , booking the studio , getting the engineer to meet the deadline and also contribute in the sound mixing of the audio book . He also need to boost the narrator give the narrator cues and make sure that the energy in the studio is on a high tempo . He has to push the recording session and make sure that enough content has been recorded in a single day . The recording charges vary from Rs 800 to Rs 1000 per hour this includes the mixing and the final delivery of the MP3 filer by we transfer .

Audio Book Narration

Once the narration is complete the sound and ambience mixing happens , the final mp3 file is checked and uploaded on under the audio book jacket for which is is recorded . The file is then uploaded for the approval of audible staff who take 10 to 14 day to do their audio and quality checks . After this is done the audio book is available on audible and I tunes for sale to customers .

It takes on an average 2 days to narrate a 100 pages book taking 4 hour recording sessions a day . You should try to keep up with that speed , it is most efficient way to record . I like the rythm once you know the rhythm then just keep recording . I will start with my 9th book tomorrow .