Suez is a seaport city in the northeast of Egypt known for the famous Suez Canal and is the capital of the Suez Governorate. Mainly a transport port, it has petroleum refineries connected by pipelines to Cairo.

The Suez Crisis of 1956 occurred when the Egyptian Government took control of the Suez Canal from the French and the British, who were managing it. This resulted in a crisis in which the US was also involved. The Egyptians, supported by the Russians, took control of the Suez Canal because they were furious at the Americans for not honoring their promise to pay for the Aswan Dam. They then started collecting tolls from the ships passing through the Canal; they wanted to use the revenue to pay and build the Aswan Dam.

The Suez Canal is an artificial waterway that connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea and was built by Ferdinand De Lesseps.

Suez National Museum

The city is a two-hour drive from Cairo and also hosts a very famous Museum called the Suez National Museum. I ventured into the Museum for some time to see the mummies and the tools used to build the canal and much of its waterways.

I enjoyed much of the prawns and lobsters at a local eatery while enjoying the pictures of my adventures for the day.