The way of the Tao is a unique way of living it is dependent on non-action rather than action, it is a way of living and breathing so that you go with the flow of things where nothing is forced upon you and let things happen as they should in the right time and space. It is like uncorking your inner creativity, you let events unfold rather than force them to take shape, you become the doing rather than the doer. It is a relaxed way of living, where you do not force your attention at anything, you just watch your attention and let things move on their own accord, you focus when focus come and you get distracted when distraction comes all the time watching both these activities with equal focus.

The Tao is a very eastern philosophy and is embedded in Chinese and Buddhist traditions. It takes away all anxiety from your action, naturally one always focuses on the end results of an action and thus we develop stress and anxiety as we want a perceived outcome of our action, this creates tension in the mind and body. Tao teaches us to do an action but be detached from its results. The action itself should be the goal and source of joy for us, the outcome would hold no value at all is it is dependent on many varied factors many of which are not in our control.

The Tao teaches us to focus on the action and top it with all the focus leave the rest to the play of existence. The Tao and its followers can imbibe the philosophy and it has been seen people who live by the Tao live longer than others.

The way of the Tao is to be one with nature and its laws to embrace existence and begone part of it rather than swim against it. In the vernacular it is going with the flow, you go where the energy goes, you ebb and flow with the life force itself. An eastern philosophy as old as time the Tao is also known as the way was at its peak during the time of great Chinese Philosophers like Lao Tzu and Confucius and Chang Tzu.

The Tao is the non-action the force that does not force it is the way and a great path to living a happy and full-filled life with joy in harmony with nature and all its abundance.