As things stand I see a clear way ahead for Rashmi Verma we need four characters to start the first phase of the shoot which is part 4 of the screenplay . The entire thing is a dream sequence where Rashmi dreams about her mama molesting her , she wakes in a fright from that dream and when she wakes up she is the graduate school Rashmi . Hear Anuj helps her cope with her fears and consoles her with water and a Pepe talk , she cries and says ,” I AM NOT GOOD FOR YOU I AM SO UNCLEAN I AM SO UNCLEAN I HAVE NOTHING TO GIVE I HAVE NOTHING TO GIVE I AM SO UNCLEAN .I CANT HAVE SEX WITH YOU .”

We have an interlude here with Ani Bahal also as he enters the room to calm things down . The entire sequence of scenes and its enactment will be 20 min of content from which we will cut promotional videos and teasers . These will go with the PR releases and one interview with Big FM Radio station will be for the director and producer to introduce and launch the uninterrupted movie.

That requires locking Ani Bahal , Anuj , Rashmi Verma and Mama Molester characters out of which Mama Molester and Ani Bahal are locked and we will have Nimhashi Chakorboty to play the role of Anuj.

The shoot will be a five day affair in my room at the Marriott we have the equipment and the camera lenses to execute , by back end blog team can cut the promo’s and upload also .This can be executed in the next one and a half moths or so if no body objects due to COVID  , we have applied for permission with the marriot.