The third eye of the mystic had been shut and thus the only experience this sage got was that through the two yes , he could see the world only in one dimension that is to say through the five senses that are available to us as humans . Almost the entire humanity has a uni or two dimensional world view , that itself seems limiting and thus us humans have always had the need to expand beyond the limitations of the body and the the five senses . We have had a latent urge within us to explore areas and dimensions beyond the limited scope we currently have and enjoy . This urge and this need for expansion has lead some on the path of the monk or the yogi , even into a deep seeker . These brave mad monks are the ones searching for third dimension or hidden dimension . It is described as the third eye of shiva , the eye he uses to destroy the world . The eye of intuition the all knowing and all that can ever be known , that is the third eye of Shiva  the hidden dimension .

Yogic practice is to do it through meditation , chanting and doing simple affirmation . Some use yoga and kundalini chakra as well to try and get a glimpse of these states as they do not remain permanently in the mind and can vanish as winks of energy or just an odd image or a sound .You need to be still in your posture for long periods of time , some people go into silence for months just to get their third eye activated , some even fast for it .


So what does it feel to have your third eye opened what is the view from the third eye . I for one describe it as a feeling of bliss , poetry , song , vibrant dance of joy and fulfilment .Opening of the third eye can make you feel more expanded and more bathed in love in the bliss of nature itself . There is a feeling of  there is no where to go everything is just here right here within  me . Even premonition , Intuition and telepathy are the facets of the third dimension itself .

For a better understanding you need to see the universe as Waves , Energy and vibrations . The opening of the third eye by many different yogic practices can help the seeker to reach different realms and frequencies of vibration and dimensions that are available beyond the third eye . The idea is to be silent and still and go inwards , you will if lucky get a whisper of what it feels like being in expanded sates of consciousness .That itself is the third dimension .