Recently I have been busy working on the casting of my uninterrupted Digital web movie . The one thing that annoys me is that to get actors like Nimhashi Chakorborty and Anupriya I am having to got through a nexus of middle men and secretaries .These guys are insiders in the actors circle , or help get more work for the actor . Now I am having to pay these guys as they act as a needless front if I have to get direct access to a recognised actor .I have to pay them a little commission so that the actor I pitch to get my book and screenplay , they also arrange meetings and maybe at times with their relationships manage to get a deal done .

For me they add no value to the content development chain , to my knowledge they are just glorified pimps and are a needless layer to get access . They are added cost in the content revenue structure .

The e mail first goes through them and then the actor reads it . I find it a pain to pander to them and humour them at times , but I guess they are part of the system and in the system everyone wants to make a buck even if it is through brokerage .In my opinion most actors should have their own professional page and should be approachable directly through mail or otherwise .

This needless layer adds no value , if they assist the actor in his preparation or diction then it is ok but paying someone to just get meetings arranged is a waste of time in my opinion .