I learned a great deal today about the yogic practice of Simba Kriya, it is a breathing exercise that will help build the immune system and give strength to the lungs, throat and the entire respiratory system. It will help fight the virus and is a very beneficial thing to bring in the morning routine every day.

The technique is simple you sit in a crossed leg position and then put your hands on either side and push your shoulders upwards, raising your forehead towards the sky, then stick your entire tongue out and breathe in and out vigorously, this will create pressure on the stomach and you will feel your lungs inflate and deflate. I vigorous sound of hhhuuuhh hhhuuhh hhhuuhhh will resonate from you, do the huffing and puffing for 21 times, and keep your tongue sticking out while you do it. This is similar to what a lion does in the jungle the posture is similar to that of the lion and so is the breathing exercise, it is the kind of breathing and belching a lion does in the jungle.

The second part is to pull your tongue in and roll it upwards and breathe by making the same huffing sound do it 21 times in and out vigorous breathing. Then close your eyes and sit in a relaxed posture breathing normally.

This simple breathing practice will build immunity against the virus and give power to the respiratory system.