Landing pages have been around for some time in the blogging and B2B digital marketing space. So what are landing pages and how can they benefit an e-marketer or an entrepreneur trying to run a business or make money online. Consider my case I started off with a travel blog and covered my travel writings into books, I further went on to write fiction and nonfiction books on many topics and genres. I began selling online and my blog became a bookselling store, I also sold my books from other online stores and e-commerce sites online, like, eBay, Flipkart, etc.

Like every blog or website, you have a home page that is very cluttered with lots of entry points and at times it can be very unfocused for the online visitor, there are too many tabs and the attention of the visitor is scattered. Here landing pages come to the rescue, these are more focused pages with the singular proposition and higher call for action. Basically they focus on one product or a special feature of the product the business is selling. Once on the landing page, the customer can buy with one or two clicks. In that way, they act as lead funnels and can be sued to capture information of the visitor including email id and contact names also.

Better still is to link the landing pages with keywords that are embedded as quick links on your blog. Anyone who searches the keywords on google clicks on one is then lead to a landing page which gives them a singular proportion to buy the product or service. This a page where the visitor can get a detailed in-depth look at the proposition.

With regular SEO effort, you can push your keywords liked to your site and it’s landing pages higher on the google search, so it comes on the first or second page on the search. I have seen that 70% of my traffic comes to form my keyword linked landing pages and only 20% comes to form the home page, which is the face of the blog. That proves the effectiveness of landing pages in driving traffic to my blog.

That way landing pages act as funnels they pull internet traffic towards them where the visitor can be converted to buy with a clear proposition. They are also an excellent lead funnel and data collection points. Every landing page is a proposition to buy a book of mine on poetry, religion, travel, and so on. With one click the visitor is bought to the buy button.