So now what is a release agreement you ask? Well, every platform gives its consent that they do wish to release a certain piece of content or digital movie. It is an in-principle agreement that one needs to get signed from a platform or the film distribution company these could be like Eros or Fox Star. The release agreement states that the production house and the distribution company both agree in principle that the project or the Title will be released by them and that the production house can in Principle begin work or could have already begun work on the said uninterrupted movie project. It is an assurance that they back the project, but this is not the stage when the. Money is released.

The release agreement has a project’s confidentiality clauses and other such jargon that indemnify itself from any damages due to the nonexecution of the project.

The format contains a place where you can place the Bible, in this case, the book along with the concept note, the screenplay of the project. It also has clauses that make sure that the production house or the Studio has not done any other deal for the said IPR with any other third party.

As per the release agreement, it is an in-principle agreement that the production house can begin work on the project.