Days pass by and we are in September now still no sign of normalcy, no sign of the shedding of Corona Times. I feel a bit restless in my bones for the past two days I have stopped writing too, no new thing to talk about, no new issue to shed light on, I kept myself busy day dreaming and binging on Tiramisu ordered from the dinner, I have turned vegetarian for a while.

The other fun thing I keep doing in my free time is doing pop art of my photo’s and playing around with filters . My room has become my paradise as I rarely venture out of my room, at time I do some brisk walking in the hotel lobby apart from that its my bed and the comfort of my laptop that’s all I know and that’s all I want any ways.

So many variations of my pop art and pictures I have made some you will see in the current post as well. The hotel is really screwing me on the food bill, no matter how clever I try to be by getting discounts on the room rate they jack up the food bill and screw me their.

I have been missing breakfast lately for the past two days but make up for it by bingeing on desserts and Tiramisu.

I do enjoy a drive twice a week when Ashish turns up, my stay has been peaceful so far although I want work on my web-series  to move fast, it still takes a time as no one is working, no new deals are being signed and no new shooting has started. I spend time idling around my room watching the sea and the rain fall from my window.

I have tried every meal in the book and tasted all the desserts, after all this is my fourth month in the luxury hotel. The staff is nice and the breakfast is filling yet after three months I have tried and seen all I have to see. May be I might move to some other abode once my long stay agreement is over in this place.

Their was a phase when I did video narrations of my book I also slept with Rashmi Verma and uploaded them on but I am yet to reach their monetization threshold of 1000 subscribers and 4000 video hours watched in a year, my figure stands at 195 subscribers and 32,000 channel views and 223 public watch hours. The videos that have been most watched are the Torbaaz Shoot video I made in Kirkistan and the Kumbh Travelogue 2019. But my Facebook Page has been monetized I have 31,000 likes and 31k followers the threshold for monetization is 10,000 followers. I can make co branded videos and also launch my own online events and video watch.