These were the words that I had heard from a holy man in Pushkar and they where reverberating in my mind. I had seen so much colour in the last few days in this town that I felt exhausted by all the walking and thinking. I stopped in front of a dry sarovar, a lake with not much water in it and it was a quiet place. Were the sadhus that I spoke to the other day at the Hanuman Temple right? I had asked them “I have done everything that the society considers bad. Whether alcohol or women. I can never say I have led a righteous life and I don’t hold a regular job or for that matter have a family.Then why the death that was to come to me came to my father? He was always upright, honest  and a hard working family man that provided more than enough for his family?

One young sadhu took a sip of his chai and said” That death was not for you the entire plan was for him . You have to see it like that . This is the cycle of karma , maybe your father owed a debt to you which he had come to repay in this life. So now it is unto you to enjoy the fruit’s of his labour . See that as your purpose in life , enjoy what he left you and be happy alway’s that is all a father can ever ask from his son.” So what that mean’s is that Karma is a cycle of debt that we carry with us and keep repaying back through the our circle of life. That also means karma is not swayed by behaviour of someone of the social standing of some one , it is not a religious concept more a give and take concept, like an account book. Things are becoming clearer to me and I felt lighter in my head. I had one of the guys I met drive me around the city in the evening and looked for a taxi that I could rent to Ranthambore, Mount Abu etc. I had dropped the plan to go to Ajmer for now as I felt rather tired.

I walked into jalebi and kachori stall to have a snack and some lassi and pondered. So the  proverb “ One who knows himself need not know anything else.” , it perhaps means that the self is all that there is. If one can understand the self he is all knowing , because the self inside me is what is also inside everything else. Inner knowledge is all knowledge and when one can tap into the inner whirlpool of wisdom all questions start finding the right answers. I felt like I was on a roll and I love to travel and it gives me feeling of some much freedom and also momentum. One is alone to analyse ones thoughts and derive new meaning from every day experience. I was beginning to see goodness in all in this pace. Maybe because people here where so much simple in their manner and content with their ritual’s, tradition and religion .

Rajasthan is unique with it’s arid and sandy desert that changes to a rocky green landscape. The night’s here can get chilly, people are all vegetarian. At the fair which was a pretty large event I did see some discipline maintained by the local police, private guards and the local administration. The streets and bazaar’s are crowded and full of colour and vitality. I realised I had a need and desire to explore more of this unique land!