Since I am in this part of the world – a visit to the Dhauladhar Range was in order and I took a trip up to see it for what it is – a beautiful range in the southern parts of the Himalayas. The highest peak is the Hanuman ji Ka Tiba, or ‘White Mountain’, approximately 5,639 m or 18,500 ft high. There are several peaks which are close to 5,180 m (17,000 ft).

The helicopter ride to the top

It was a surreal experience in the evening and here are some shots I took! I took an helicopter to get to the top and so definitely did not trek it up not that I was in any shape to do that !

More follows and here are the mountain ranges at sunset – a view so serene, a location so at peace and yet majestic there is this part of me that wants to just stop and settle down! Put down roots at the foothills as it were. Indeed so much beauty.