On my way to the Volcanic lake Tritriva I had a whole bunch of kids chanting “ Mura Mura “ to me. At first baffled by the word and then I grew curious, on further inquiry I realized that it means “ slowly slowly “ in Malagasy.


I had heard the words from Flaveya when we made love to each other in Antananarivo. Then they didn’t mean anything then and now they do.


A rhythmic slowly slowly is how you take it here in Africa. Perhaps that is the philosophy of my journey in this country, to take it easy and to take it slowly , that is when you get to taste the real fun out of a place. Take your time !


The legend has it that near the lake Tritriva two lovers Rabeniomby and Ravolahanta not unlike Rome & Juliet. They met parental opprobrium to their marriage and in a sad twist killed themselves by jumping into the lake. They came back in their next life as trees on either bank who grew to be tall.


They are called the “hazo malahelo”, a weeping willow, the sad tree and if one breaks a branch or leaf, red fluid said to be the beloveds’ blood oozes out! The branches of each of the trees grew as creepers intertwined with each other to be joined for ever. A tragic love story of undying love was the great legend of Lake Tritriva. Then there is as if complementary Legend of Lake Andraikiba and one version has a mad man roaming the banks of this river laughing and dancing.


One night he fell in to the river and drowned . Locals say they can still hear him laughing and hear his dance during the night.


To me both these rivers where in chanting and to have swam in one was an experience. I mean these lakes are inside volcanic craters and are mineral rich and this adds to the medicinal quality of their water .


I enjoyed Lake Tritriva for the trek up and down and around the lake. The trek was exhausting and steep and half an hour each way. It was almost 4 km up and down. Andraikiba is a much larger lake in size and formation and is surrounded by rocky hills .


The sunset here just above the lake is something not to miss and I attempted capturing it  in my camera.


The sun breaks into so many vibrant colors here and the winter blue sky is a perfect foil as the canvass for these colors.


The habitation around the lake seems to be agrarian and the landscape is rural.


The cock fights are added attractions at these two lakes and one can bet on their favorite cock to participate in the sport.


All in all the Legends of the two lakes.