Since the lockdowns, I have been playing around and have been fascinated by the Tik Tok app. It is very popular amongst the teenagers at 46 years of age I am hooked to it. I love the easy functions and the ease with which you can make the videos. The simplicity and bizarreness are what make Tik Tok edgy and different from say an Instagram. Music and film dialogues allow one to do a Kare O Ke or just lip-sync your favorite dialogues. Since it is an app fro the self-indulgent you can use skins, makeup, filters to do a makeover. I used skins that gave me many girl hairstyles and then I sang Girls Just wanna have fun with that get-up.

Then I used a filter that made me look like Charlie Chaplin and I sang” awara Hun Awara Hun !” On that. There are apps that make me look like Dracula or just a Zombie I used the thriller zombie tune for that one.

In one video I game a scarred robot from terminator, in the other I became a cat and then a dog. I experimented with a lot of the skins and filters mainly categorized under the heading of Beauty, Cute, India, Magic, Glasses, Cool, Screen, Game, Filter, Meme.

I could record my own sounds and add effects and ambient sounds as I pleased. The motion filters were the best, they gave me edit options like a slo-mo, circle, and many such bizarre and quick edit and transition options. The fun is that the video gets uploaded on Instagram immediately, although I would think that the skills and style required to be a Tie Tok star are different from that of Insta. The fun element in Tik Tok makes it a notch higher in terms of creativity, I could transport myself into so many characters and literally daydream on the app. The variety and the many permutations and combination one has interns of steel and music is mazing on Tik Tok. It is also purely analytics and AI-based app and serves you exactly what you like to watch in terms of the videos of other people you follow.

It is a great way to do rehearsals for actors, singers, dancers, and. Comedians or just plain mimicry artists. You can Hawn your funny scripts on the app and even do little skits with others. I suggest you use the app more spontaneously, rather than make videos with a lot of preparation.

As of now, I have become a woman, a mad man, a zombie, a girl, a transgender, a cat, a joker, a dog, an ant, a football, and even a circus clown in my many avatars on Tik Tok. I have sung Opera Songs, Yapped on rap tunes, and snapped my figures to Latino and Mahican music. Hell, I have even mounted the famous Sholay Dialogue and Mimicked Dev Anand, while I nag in the rain the tune of the film Sri 420.

The child in me wants to play with this app and it keeps me engaged all day, thinking of one bizarre avatar after another. I am closing on 1000 likes in just two months that for me has been an achievement during the lockdown. In that sense, it is a total time pass app its sheer senselessness is it’s very attractive and it will drive a lot of young people to show off their creative and artistic skills.