As I move forward towards the path of Kundalini awakening, I feel the need to describe my learnings through direct experience of what these internal energies are , I mean you must have heard of Chakra awakening , Kundalini awakening and a lot of such esoteric mumbo jumbo which only a few people can comprehend and even few understand . It is being sold like packaged water or a can of soda in the free market. Mediations, therapies, Nathbraham meditations, chakra healing, Feng Shue. What are these things and how do they facilitate us in our journey of like, to they only cause good or can create havoc in our lives.

Lets looker deeper into these phenomena our body is a vessel made of panch bhoota or the five elements. Inside the perishable body is another world the world of thoughts feelings and emotions, the world of swirling energies, this energy that runs like a serpent behind thought the spine is the Kundalini energy. There are 7 primary points called the chakra’s that rise from the tail bone and move upwards even beyond and above the head.

Muladhara: This is the chakra at the base of the anus, it is symbolized by the four lotus petals and is the abode of Lord Ganapati. From here emerge the three Nadi’s called the Ida, the Pin-gala, Sushumna. Muladhara is thus the base Chakra.

Savadishtana: This means where you have been established, this is two figure length above the Muladhara. The Chakra is blocked in most of us due to fear of death. If one can vanquish the fear of death one can activate this chakra. It is depicted by six petals, a half crescent moon and a dot on top where Vishnu resides with his conch, chakra, lotus. It contains unconscious desires, sexual energies that have been latent and suppressed, it takes a lot of practice and sadhana to raise the energies above this chakra. It is associated with the tsetse and ovaries and helps in balancing the flow of estrogen and testosterone in the body add regulates sexual impulses and desires.

Manipura: This chakra is just above the navel near the solar flex region and is associated with the color yellow. It is associated with digestion and it symbolizes fire. It relates to digestion in our body a weak Agni means the food is not being digested well which leads to toxicity in the body. The energies in this chakra can be related by Pranayama, where one moves its breath through the diaphragm up and down. This chakra resides above the naval and is symbolized by ten petals and ram inscribed in the center with a triangle that symbolizes the fire element.

Anahata: This is the heart chakra associated with feelings of calmness, clarity, serenity. This resides near the heart and brings openness and awareness in us to be able to see the contradictory events that unfold in our lives with a sense of balance. It means pure, clean and stainless it also denotes a sound caused by the touching of two objects. Mediating on this Chakra brings calmness and blissfulness to us.

Vishuddah: Also known as the throat chakra because it resides in the throat region. Being in the treat it is associated with the thyroid gland in the human endocrine system the gland in the neck. It is associated with hearing and speaking, a person who is timid and can’t speak up will have problems in this chakra. Singing helps a lot in clearing this chakra and activating it to its full potential. It is also associated with the deity Sadashiva and is symbolized by sixteen purple petals. The feeling of guilt within us blocks the kundalini from rising through this chakra as it becomes weak and subdued.

Ajna: Known as the guru chakra or the third eye is associated with the brain and can be activated with meditation and pranayama. It helps activate brain activity and the third eye brings in intuition the ability to see the future and predict coming events, premonition. One connects to the subconscious mind through this chakra. This chakra can be activated by making ohm sounds. Spiritual energy enters the body through the third eye and it has been worshipped and adored by Hindu’s by putting bindi, till, tika or the three stripes on the forehead.

Sahasra: This the crown chakra and the seventh chakra. It is associated with a thousand petals and when one raises the energy to this level, one gets a feeling of Nivikalpa samadhi. This is the final or the seventh chakra and resides above the head it makes us see the mysteries of the soul.