Let us first understand what creativity, creation or the creative process means are these just lingo’s used by writers, poets, and filmmakers. What does being creative or a creative person actually means and what and how does one unleash their inner creativity. Being creative is about seeing things differently, sculptors and painters play with forms and paint to make extraordinary things. The musician played his flute and guitar a painter uses his brush and paint to make fabulous images on canvas. An actor learns his line and performs to a packed hall or in front of a camera crew. A poet searches for inspiration deep into the night to write lyrical prose that converts into sonnets and symphonies. So creativity has certain aspects of the thesis that can be explained thus.

Its Play: Creativity is about the play, it’s about expressing your inner moods and your inner feeling of any kind joy, sadness, despair and sorrow whatever you feel, you express with the instruments in your hands. Your breath your mind your thoughts all are part of the creative process.

Relax: For the creative process to function one needs to be in a total state of let go and relaxation. Only when you are in peace with yourself and the body and mind is loose can the creative process function.

Observation: The power of observation is significant, the creative person needs to be aware of what he is experiencing through the five senses. He uses these images and sounds as part of his creation. The writer uses his observations and so does the painter.

Inquisitiveness; The creative being is inquisitive to new experiences and to new dimensions of life. He is a knowledge seeker and always in a lookout for new ways to do a thing and challenge old ways and ideas. He also makes constant enquires about the nature and structure of things. He knows that he knows not. He is a seeker of sorts knowing well that he only knows too little at is why he is hungry for new experiences.

Lateral Thinking: He finds solutions to problems in a tangential way, he thinks laterally. In a manner that is unique because he can see the same problem in many different ways and then come up with an out of the box solution.

High EQ: Creative people have a high EQ or emotional quotient and they are more sensitive than others. They can feel more and thus express more, actors, dancers and musicians all have a high EQ.

Intuitive: They have long antennas that can tap into many hidden frequencies, they have a strong intuition this is true for poets and writers. Many of them get their inspirations to write or create through a heightened sate go intuition.

Easily Bored; They get bored with things easily and often start things and projects that they do not finish. They may also be doing 5 to 6 different things at the same time and jump from one activity to another, back and forth in a non-linear fashion.