The day began with a ride with Issam to the countryside to explore a Methodist church. I stood in front of the image of Mother Mary to say my prayers and lit a candle for her. It was very comforting, as I felt very near to God.

I looked a bit messy as my hair was long, and I had lost my ribbon to make a ponytail out of my hair. The countryside was littered with sheep and donkeys. The nomads of Jordan are sheepherders and live on hilltops where they live in large Igloo-type tents.

Lunch was at the famous Jammu Kashmir restaurant. I had promised Issam that I would dine with him at an Indian restaurant on my last day in Jordon, and this was indeed my last day in the city. After enjoying Keema and Naan, we decided to venture further into the city. As it was my previous day, Issam got a bit emotional and gave me his precious ring .” This is for you, Anuj sir, my unique ring, you will remember me by this ring .” said he placed the ring on my fingers.

After lunch, we ventured into another hot spot called Mount Nebo Siyagha Memorial of Moses; this was a holy place for the Christians and a place that honors Moses as one of the Prophets of God.

Now, I am all set for my onward journey to Doha. This is going to be my last day, and I have a stack full of memories that I carry with me.